Human Rights, the UN & the Baha’is in Iran, by Nazila Ghanea

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by Nazila Ghanea

How the UN has dealt with the persecutions of the Bahá’ís in Iran.
A comprehensive account of the interaction between the United Nations human rights system and one human rights situation – that of the Bahá’ís in Iran.
The Bahá’í community in Iran is the largest religious minority in the country yet does not feature in its constitution.
This survey traces the course of the human rights of the Bahá’ís after the 1979 Islamic Revolution and follows the Bahá’í case as it is taken up by the United Nations Commission on Human Rights.
The main actors in this study include governmental representatives at the United Nations, Sub-Commission and Treaty-body experts, non-governmental organizations, the Special Representative appointed to monitor Iran’s human rights situation, the Special Rapporteur on Religious Intolerance and other Special Rapporteurs who have covered it within their thematic mandates.
Nazila Ghanea’s study provides the scene, the setting and the actors in this legal, political, social, cultural and religious drama, and observed within the United Nations human rights system. It is this drama that this book examines in its theoretical, legal, institutional and political dimension.

Nazila Ghanea has been lecturing for the past decade and is currently a fellow of Kellogg College at the University of Oxford, and University Lecturer in International Human Rights Law.
She is a graduate of Leeds and Keele Universities in the United Kingdom. Her research and publications have focused on freedom of religion or belief, the UN human rights machinery and particularly the Commission on Human Rights, religious minorities in the Middle East, diplomacy and human rights and the human rights of women.
She has participated in over fifteen UN fora around the world as consultant, delegation member or independent expert. The research for this publication stemmed from her doctoral research at the University of Keele.


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